ASAO 2021 Guiding Values

ASAO 2021 is our first online meeting. We envisage that this virtual event will be an extension of the small, informal, and cooperative environment that we foster at our in-person meetings.

We expect that all those who participate in ASAO 2021 to treat each other with respect (for relationships, for relational space, for diverse identities), kindness, dignity, and with a spirit of generosity. One of the unique aspects of ASAO is that it provides opportunities for scholars from a variety of backgrounds, and at varying stages of their careers, to engage with one another in a collegial and supportive environment. Constructive criticism and debate is welcomed when it is done in a considerate manner. Harrassment, disrespect, discrimination, and bigotry will not be tolerated in behaviour, speech, and/or imagery. We ask that you keep our guiding values in mind as you participate in this virtual meeting.

(If you are wondering why we need guiding values for ASAO 2021, read this article about offensive behaviour at the Society for Historical Archaeology’s recent virtual meeting.)


1. Ensure everyone is able to contribute

-Please stay muted unless you are speaking

-Talkative people: remember to leave space for others, and if you are inspired to talk or ask a lot of questions, consider using the chat feature

-Quieter people: your contributions are very welcome

2. One speaker at a time

- Raise your hand if you want to speak and wait for your turn

3. Treat each other’s opinions with respect even/especially if you don’t agree with them

- Take responsibility for your comments

- Respond with grace, respect, and care

- Critique ideas, not people

4. Confidentiality: some things should not be repeated outside of a session

- Confidentiality should be stated and respected by all members

- Confidential video, links and files should not be shared

- Shared communications should be agreed upon and unified

5. Be conscious of time and help stick to it, or negotiate for more

6. Regular breaks

- Session organisers will let you know whether there will be a break during their session 

How to report a violation of our guiding values

Please report violations of our guiding values to Lorena.Gibson@vuw.ac.nz.


ASAO Board members and Officers will be present as hosts throughout the meeting to support session organisers in moderating their sessions and to troubleshoot any issues. We also encourage other ASAO members to respond to any disrespectful behaviour by discouraging it and guiding individuals back to more mana-enhancing modes of interaction. Anyone found to violate our guiding values will not be permitted to continue attending ASAO 2021 (at the discretion of the Board).

We will endeavour to:

Remove offensive content as quickly as possible;

Support session organisers in their moderation decisions;

Communicate with disrespectful individuals about their behaviour;

Support those who have experienced disrespectful behaviour through appropriate channels;

Remove disrespectful individuals from sessions;

Disable accounts that produce offensive content (e.g. trolling, verbal abuse and/or harassment, degrading language, offensive imagery) and potentially remove them from ASAO 2021, with no refund (this will be a Board decision);

Disable accounts that create sustained disruptions of events (e.g. talking over speakers, behaving in a way that is intentionally antagonistic or disruptive) and potentially remove them from ASAO 2021, with no refund (this will be a Board decision).

Moderation guidelines for hosts (ASAO Board members and Officers):

Our role is to support session organisers, so check in with them about their sessions and support their moderation decisions;

Communicate directly with disrespectful members about their behaviour via private message;

Immediately mute and/or remove any offensive behaviour and content;

Communicate on WhatsApp (or similar) with other Board members to make decisions about disabling accounts and removing individuals from the meeting (this will be a Board decision on a case-by-case basis).