Association for Social Anthropology in Oceania

Annual Meeting, February 4-7, 2021

ASAO is an international scholarly society dedicated to the anthropology of the Pacific which welcomes anyone interested in the lives of Pacific people, including scholars working in Native/Indigenous Studies, Pacific Studies, Cultural Studies, and other disciplines. Our meetings are small, intimate, informal, and cooperative.

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Call for Participants

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General Session Information

ASAO has a traditional three year cycle of sessions beginning as informal sessions, continuing as working sessions, and finally meeting as symposia, before moving to publication. However, you may propose a session at any of these three levels and are not required to run it more than once. Or you can come up with your own session format. It is up to you. Please just remember ASAO values discussion and collaboration rather than formal presentation of papers in a way that inhibits dialogue. The three kinds of sessions are:

- Informal Sessions, which involve the informal sharing of ideas. Informal sessions are an ideal opportunity for talanoa, tok stori, and other formats rooted in the Pacific.

- Working Sessions, where participants discuss short, conventional papers. Traditionally, these papers are summarized but not formally read or presented during the meeting. Ideally, most of the session time will be allocated for discussion.

- Symposia, where session organizers discuss precirculated papers, often with an eye to final revisions and eventual publication.

Session Schedule

Over three days we will use a video conferencing to hold synchronous panels in three time periods:

Morning Pacific (9:00 am to noon, Suva time)

Afternoon Pacific (1:00 pm to 4:00 pm, Suva time)

Atlantic Rim zone (9:00 am to noon, New York City time). 

10 days
16 session organizers
6 session types